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Instructor Information

Welcome to the Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy (DEYA) family! We are very excited for you to join us as an instructor at the Academy. On this page you will find information relating to the Academy, our values, and our policies and procedures.

Please acknowledge you have read this information at the bottom of the page. This must only be done once annually; if you have already viewed and agreed to this page within the past year, you do not need to submit again.


Drayton Entertainment

Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy

Emergency Contacts

The DEYA Facility

Facility Location


Facility Information

Sound System Instructions

DEYA Program Goals

The Youth Academy seeks to provide arts education to students in a way that boosts student’s confidence and performance abilities. Every class should promote a welcoming and fun environment for all participants. Here are some general goals to keep in mind that can help inform your approach to teaching at the Youth Academy.

What should students have accomplished by the end of a DEYA program?

How should students feel during/after a DEYA program?

What should students take away from a DEYA program?

Policies and Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Fire Evacuation

Medical Emergencies

Instructor Code of Conduct

Fundamental Values

DEYA values the safety and security of all staff, faculty, and students during their time with DEYA. DEYA believes that:

For more information on equity and inclusivity at the Academy, please see our Academy Mission & Core Values.

Drayton Entertainment’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement can be found here.

Where this Code Applies

This code of conduct for DEYA instructors applies:

Standards of Behaviour

All members of DEYA staff and faculty are held to a standard of behaviour that prioritizes the safety of all its members as well as respect, civility, and responsible citizenship.

DEYA staff and faculty must…

DEYA staff and faculty uphold these standards when they…

DEYA staff and faculty must not…

Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Below is an outline of the Drayton Entertainment Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.


Policy Statement


Roles and Responsibilities

Code of Conduct

General Guidelines Pertaining to Criteria for Safe Supervision

Duty to Report Procedures for Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect


Contact Information for Child Protection Authorities

Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy – Quick Facts

Who is defined as a child? A child is anyone under the age of 18.

Who is defined as a vulnerable person? A vulnerable person is anyone 18 years or older who may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation.

Who is a worker? Anyone employed by Drayton Entertainment: full-time, part-time, contract workers, artists, students, seasonal, temporary or occasional employees; also included are volunteers who provide work or services for no monetary compensation.

Policy Agreement