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General Academy Policies

Cell Phones

In our effort to foster relationships that come through personal interaction, it is our hope that cell phones will only be used to communicate with a parent or guardian during breaks.

Dress Code

We ask that everyone come prepared to effectively participate in your class, adhering to dress codes assigned at registration. Dry, indoor shoes are mandatory in every studio. DEYA is a scent-free building.

Financial Assistance

DEYA is able to provide financial assistance to some families requiring tuition support. To request financial aid, or request a payment plan, please contact us.


Every student should have a water bottle with them when they take class. No gum is permitted anywhere in the building. We strongly express that we are a nut-free building.

Gender Identity and Expression

DEYA is committed to ensuring the physical and emotional safety of all students. As part of this commitment, we want to make sure students of all gender expressions and identities feel safe, welcomed and accepted in our Academy. DEYA exists within a broader context of law and public policy that protects and defends human rights. The Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code) provides for equal rights and opportunities, and freedom from discrimination. People who are discriminated against or harassed because of their gender identity and/or gender expression are legally protected from discrimination under the Code.

Lost Articles

DEYA is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. We have a lost and found bin located in the Green Room, but these items are only kept for a limited time, after which they are donated.

Observation Of Classes

Every room at DEYA has state-of-the-art video surveillance camera. Monitors can be viewed from the lobby area.


DEYA offers full-time reception staff during operating hours. Our receptionist will be happy to answer your calls and questions.


DEYA has an Open Door Policy and encourages clear communication with the families we serve. Out of respect for the students in the building, we ask parents and students not to approach teachers between classes but make an appointment instead.

DEYA reserves the right to change and substitute instructors as necessary.

Weather Closures

DEYA reserves the right to cancel classes due to weather conditions. DEYA monitors the closures of public transit and public institutions, as well as weather warnings to determine when a closure should be made. If public transit is closed, so are we. We will email parents if a decision to cancel classes is reached. If a class must end early due to worsening weather conditions, parents of students will be called directly.

The rescheduling of canceled classes may or may not be possible.

Zero Bullying Policy

DEYA does not tolerate bullying of any form from its students. DEYA students shall respect their teachers, substitute teachers, and assistants as well as their peers in and outside of class. No gossip, obscene language, bullying or inappropriate conversations by either parents or students will be tolerated. If a student is being disruptive, they will receive a verbal warning. If the disruption reoccurs, the student will be sent home. If a student is sent home twice in the same term, they will be removed from that class. Students who engage in physical or verbal bullying or violence will be immediately expelled without refund.