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Payment Policy & Fee Structure

Tuition and Payment Policies

TUITION: Participation during the year is based on terms (running for more than 3 consecutive weeks) and tuition will be charged in full upon registration.

ONLINE PAYMENT: By registering online, I agree that the credit card information provided will be automatically charged for registration of the classes, programs or camps that I have selected. Preferred methods of payment are Visa or MasterCard. HST is applicable for all students and is not included in the fees.

DISCOUNTS: Discounts are given only at the time of initial registration and do not apply to classes added at a later date.

FAMILY: A 10% per class discount will be offered for each additional member of the immediate family from the same household, enrolled in any full term class for the same term. Discount applies to the person enrolled in the lower number of hours per week.This includes parents and grandparents.

MULTI-CLASS: 10% discount for each additional classes attended in the same term.

Withdrawal, Transfer and Refund Policies

WITHDRAWAL FROM WEEK LONG PROGRAM (Summer Camp and March Break): Full payment is required upon enrollment in order to hold a space. A written notice is required for all program withdrawals.

WITHDRAWAL FROM SESSIONS (running for more then 3 consecutive weeks) OR SINGLE DAY WORKSHOPS: Full payment is required upon enrollment in order to hold a space. A written notice is required for all program withdrawals.

All enrollments are final – there are no refunds on any fees that have been paid except in cases of class cancellation. There is no refund for missed classes. Missed classes may be made up in a class of the same level or lower during the week immediately following the missed class, if available.

Any student whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate by staff will be issued a warning with guardian notification. Should the behaviour continue after the warning, the student will be dismissed from the program with no refund.

TRANSFERS: Class transfers are permitted based on class availability and administration approval. Should a student wish to transfer from one class to another following registration, an administrative Class Transfer Fee of $20 per class will be charged.

In the event that a class does not meet its minimum enrolment, this class will be cancelled. Students enrolled in cancelled classes will be transferred to the same offering in another time slot, with no administration Transfer Fee. Should the cancelled class not be offered at another time during the term, students will be entitled to a refund or a credit of the class amount.