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DEYA Code of Conduct

All Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy (DEYA) students (including children’s chorus members) are expected to adhere to certain standards of behaviour while participating in DEYA programs and productions. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone participating as well as contribute to a positive and welcoming environment. All students must agree to and uphold the following policies and procedures during their time with DEYA.

Fundamental Values

DEYA values the safety of all participants during their time with DEYA. DEYA believes that:

For more information on equity and inclusivity at the Academy, please see our Academy Mission & Core Values.

Drayton Entertainment’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Statement can be found here.

Where this Code Applies

This code of conduct for students applies:

Standards of Behaviour

DEYA students must…

DEYA students uphold these standards when they…

DEYA students do not uphold these standards if they…

Conduct Policies

Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination

Reporting Unsafe Conduct and Conditions