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For Adults and Seniors, the opportunities and benefits of enrolling in performing and technical arts classes with like-minded, highly imaginative peers are immeasurable. All of our programs are sure to develop transferable life skills like building confidence, improving listening and negotiating skills, encouraging creative problem solving and most importantly, making new friends in a positive, dynamic and fun environment.

Classes Booking Per Term Starting January 2023. Registration opens in October 2022.


Adult/Senior In Person

Adults at all levels are welcome to enrol in The Adult Choir. Instructors will use choral music across multiple genres to guide choir members through a variety of vocal techniques in a group setting. Learn basic breath control, harmony singing and tone matching, while fostering teamwork and building confidence in this relaxed and supportive environment of like-minded people.


Seniors In Person

“Yes, and….!” Older adults will explore acting through improvisation, non-scripted storytelling, and drama-based games, all while learning through play, imagination and spontaneity. Participants will learn to create characters from a place of instinct and physicality in a safe, collaborative space.

Classes Booking Per Month


All Ages In Person

Grandfriends is for Grandparents and their Grandchildren, ages 1 to 5 yrs, to come imagine and play together in a guided, 45-minute class. In addition to having tons of fun, little ones will improve their coordination and basic motor skills while being exposed to a variety of great music. This class is a wonderful option for families who have children of various ages who wish to attend the same class. All of our movement, music and play will include modifications for all ages, aimed at strengthening family connections.

Show Tune Senior

Seniors Hybrid

Older adults at all levels of experience are welcome to join us for Show Tune Senior! This 30-minute seated fitness class will focus on ‘tuning’ your body, mind and spirit – all set to Broadway classics. This class will include modifications for all levels of fitness. EveryBODY is welcome.


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This environment is free of judgment and full of love. Thank you for always pushing us and reminding us how important, valued and powerful we all are.

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I can’t thank you enough for the courage, independence and kindness you help to instil in my kids.

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Although my Dad never spoke of it to Evan or me, he was a little hesitant with the dance stuff and then theatre stuff… but then he came out of the Panto that Evan was in crying, so happy that Evan had found a place where he felt like he belonged.

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As parents we got to ride this high with our son. We got to see him, for the first time, totally come into himself, for the first time, pure happiness. Something changed, he has changed….thank you.

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This was the most amazing theatre experience I’ve had to date, and I’ve had a LOT! It’s the first time I’ve felt like I really belonged because you made such an inclusive environment.

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Thank you! She walked away with more confidence about body image, an even deeper love of everything “theatre” and huge love and respect for her community!

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The patience David shows to the children is perfect! As a teacher I recognize that this man was made to work with kids!! The way he speaks to kids makes them believe they can do anything!!!

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This is where I want to be. I get to learn from Broadway performers who are performing at a theatre right next door but more importantly, I’ve made lifelong friends. Even the audition process is awesome. Drayton has helped me grow not only as a performer, but as a person.

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My son has done lots of programs and I think he felt the most at home here. The children and staff were the most inclusive of any I’ve encountered.

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Each and every day he arrived at Huron Country Playhouse, he knew he was stepping into a place where his passions and dreams were going to be honoured, respected and encouraged.

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The staff involved had an incredible ability to push the kids outside of their comfort zones to try new things and take risks. Most of all, they were able to teach kids to embrace differences and that it’s okay to be different.