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Summer Session


We’re thrilled to announce our Summer Session weekly classes! Our 6-week long Summer Session are for anyone who wants to express themselves through the performing arts.

“We believe that participation in arts education is a fantastic way to develop creativity, imagination, confidence, focus, accountability, and the ability to apply constructive feedback… all while having a ton of fun and meeting new friends!”

Read more about our Academy Mission & Core Values.

Location: Drayton Entertainment Youth Academy (145 Northfield Dr W, Waterloo)
Term: Tuesday, May 21st – Saturday, June 29th, 2024
Cost: $108 + HST (that’s just $18 per class!)

Interested in more than one? Class schedules are specially designed to allow students to participate in multiple types of classes if desired. 10% off family and multi-class discounts are offered at registration.

Family Discount

Multi-Class Discount

We strive to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial circumstance, is able to participate in Academy classes. Inquire about our flexible payment plans and financial assistance programs.

Don’t miss out on 6 weeks of theatre fun and friends! We can’t wait to spend the Summer Session with you at the Youth Academy–where you belong!

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Summer Session Classes

How To Be A Pop Star: The Stacey Kay Experience

Juno Award-winner and viral rapping sensation, Stacey Kay, is coming to the Youth Academy to teach you how to find your pop diva voice, expand your range and master the techniques that earned her the golden buzzer on Canada’s Got Talent and a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. In this once-in-a-lifetime weekly class, you’ll learn to access your inner Pop Star through warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, and rapping techniques, plus song-writing tips. You’ll also hear Stacey break down her covers of songs that have received recognition from the original artists including BeBe Rexha, RuPaul, Meghan Trainor, Fergie, and Jennifer Hudson. All that plus a guest music video choreographer master class. “What would Beyonce do?” Register today to find out!

This class is offered for Teens

MAGIC CLASS with Professional Magician, DJ CARROLL

In this BRAND NEW CLASS, magical students of all levels will learn multiple types of magic with materials you can bring from home like paper, coins, pencils, or a deck of cards. Discover the art of illusion and master the secrets behind mind-boggling feats that will leave your audience mesmerized. Through step-by-step guidance and hands-on practice, you’ll unlock the skills to create moments of wonder and astonishment, with a little clowning thrown in. Let the journey to becoming an extraordinary magician begin! (Magic is not as hard as you might think – the “trick” is making it look like it’s hard. : ))

This class if offered for Kids, Youth, and Teens

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is for anyone who loves to sing, move and act! This is our triple threat class. Students will work as an ensemble to learn music and choreography to a wide range of age-appropriate musical production numbers from Broadway shows.

Musical Theatre Ensemble students will:

  • Learn three musical theatre production numbers to develop their understanding of how to contribute to a performance
  • Practice the basics of building unique characters through physical gestures, movement, and vocal techniques
  • Become familiar with reading sheet music
  • Enhance their sense of focus and remaining present while on stage
  • Have fun, build trust, and meet new friends while working in a safe and collaborative space

This class is offered for Kids, Youth, Teens, and Adults.


Acting students are welcome to enroll in Scripted Acting. Students will explore character development through text analysis techniques using age and level appropriate monologues and scenes from a wide range of published plays. Instructors will help students learn to break down clues within the script, and how those clues influence the way their character walks, talks, feels, and interacts with other actors in the play.

Scripted Acting students will:

  • Work with various age-appropriate scenes to develop their understanding of building character through physical gestures, movement, and voice
  • Enhance their sense of focus and remaining present while on stage
  • Experiment with acting alongside a variety of other actors
  • Have fun, build trust, and meet new friends while working in a safe and collaborative space

This class is offered for Kids, Youth, Teens, and Adults.


“Yes, and….!” Students will explore acting through improvisation, non-scripted storytelling, and drama-based games, all while learning through play, imagination, and spontaneity.

Students taking part in Improv will:

  • Participate in various improvisation-based games to help develop their imagination and practice their creative skills in a safe and fun environment
  • Enhance their sense of focus and remaining present in the moment
  • Become more confident with taking risks and finding agreement with a variety of other actors
  • Have fun, build trust, and meet new friends while working in a safe and collaborative space

This class is offered for Kids, Youth, Teens, and Adults.

On Camera Acting

On-Camera Acting is designed to help young performers bring their own life and imagination to actual, age-appropriate TV, voice over and commercial scenes. All students will have time on camera and will work in an encouraging and respectful atmosphere with an experienced film/television/commercial/voice over actor instructor to learn specific and practical skills for auditioning for roles. Learning to use their instincts, adapt to different styles, and take direction are key components of this class.

This class is offered for Youth, Teens and Adults.

Audition Preparation

This exciting course is designed to help singing actors, connect to their audition songs in meaningful ways and receive new, custom chosen audition material.

Topics will include song selection, script and score analysis, gesture and body awareness and managing performance anxiety. Students will work to balance healthy vocal production with bringing truth and specificity to the circumstance of the character. Each class will include a professionally led vocal warm-up followed by one-on-one coaching in a group setting with a live accompanist/ music director and director

This class is offered for Youth and Teens.

Show Tunes Wellness

Personal transformation and FUN for all ages and stages of life! If you love Broadway Show Tunes and Movie Musical Hits, whether you want to stretch or sweat, our Show Tunes Wellness classes are here to help.

Show Tunes Stretch
Adults of all levels of experience are welcome to join us for Show Tunes Stretch! This 45-minute class will guide you through a variety of yoga-inspired stretches – all set to a relaxing repertoire of Broadway show tunes. This class seeks to bring harmony to the body by linking movement and breath resulting in greater peace of mind.

Show Tunes Sweat
Adults of all levels of experience are welcome to join us for Show Tunes Sweat! This 45-minute class will include a warm-up, an easy to follow cardio dance combination, and a cool down and stretch – all set to your favourite Broadway show tunes. Get sweaty with us as we sing, laugh and dance – it is the most fun you will ever have while working out!

For more information, visit Show Tunes Wellness

Session Testimonials

“Learning from these incredible, professional actors and hearing their journeys and advice was really inspiring. All of a sudden, things seem possible for her in new and exciting ways. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Parent

“Because of the acceptance and inclusivity he experienced at the Academy, we really felt that we had gotten our son back after a long season of very difficult times. The Pandemic was particularly hard on him and we believe he finally found his place and his people. Thank you for your leadership and passion.”

– Parent

“The building is such a welcoming space and really feels like a second home to my child! Everyone was so friendly and kind throughout the weeks and super welcoming to the parents too. We’ll be back!”

– Parent

Conduct Policies

Please refer to our DEYA Code of Conduct to familiarize yourself with our conduct policies prior to the start of classes.


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This environment is free of judgment and full of love. Thank you for always pushing us and reminding us how important, valued and powerful we all are.

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I can’t thank you enough for the courage, independence and kindness you help to instil in my kids.

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Although my Dad never spoke of it to Evan or me, he was a little hesitant with the dance stuff and then theatre stuff… but then he came out of the Panto that Evan was in crying, so happy that Evan had found a place where he felt like he belonged.

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As parents we got to ride this high with our son. We got to see him, for the first time, totally come into himself, for the first time, pure happiness. Something changed, he has changed….thank you.

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This was the most amazing theatre experience I’ve had to date, and I’ve had a LOT! It’s the first time I’ve felt like I really belonged because you made such an inclusive environment.

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Thank you! She walked away with more confidence about body image, an even deeper love of everything “theatre” and huge love and respect for her community!

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The patience David shows to the children is perfect! As a teacher I recognize that this man was made to work with kids!! The way he speaks to kids makes them believe they can do anything!!!

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This is where I want to be. I get to learn from Broadway performers who are performing at a theatre right next door but more importantly, I’ve made lifelong friends. Even the audition process is awesome. Drayton has helped me grow not only as a performer, but as a person.

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My son has done lots of programs and I think he felt the most at home here. The children and staff were the most inclusive of any I’ve encountered.

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Each and every day he arrived at Huron Country Playhouse, he knew he was stepping into a place where his passions and dreams were going to be honoured, respected and encouraged.

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The staff involved had an incredible ability to push the kids outside of their comfort zones to try new things and take risks. Most of all, they were able to teach kids to embrace differences and that it’s okay to be different.